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Ready to have a happier home?

I’m dedicated to helping others take control of their space and creating organized solutions that serve them. Let me transform your environment so that you can be more efficient in your day to day. You should not have to spend another second looking for your purse or favorite leggings because everything will have a proper resting place. The spaces throughout your home and office should provide HAPPINESS. I am here to help you achieve that. Of course we’ll have fun along the way. Are ya ready? Let’s do this! 

Organizing spaces by Kim

“Kim came in and put everything in its place to have its own home! I can work in a clutter free environment which is very important in the line of work I am in! I would highly recommend Kim!”

“Thank you so much for the last two days! I love it so much. Feels so good to start our busy season on the right foot. You are so talented and I am so grateful you took on our messy job!”